Value restrictions

In the value restrictions view for an item type, there is either an Include or Exclude column, depending on the Restrictions > Rule setting.

Include column
Use the Include column to specify the restrictions to use in determining if input data is valid or invalid for the item. One-to-many values are allowed. The order in which restrictions appear in the list is not relevant.
"Include" values are considered valid. An input item is considered invalid if a character other than those specified in the Include column appears in the data.
Exclude column
Use the Exclude column to specify the text character values to be excluded.
"Exclude" values are considered invalid. This option provides a means to specify a default set of restrictions.
To add value restrictions to an item:
  1. Go to the Item Subclass > Restrictions property.
  2. Choose Value from the drop-down list.
  3. The restriction list is case-sensitive by default. If you do not want case-sensitivity, set the Ignore case subproperty to Yes to ignore case.
  4. Set the Rule subproperty to Include or Exclude the values that you will provide.
  5. Enter the value restrictions Include or Exclude column.
  6. (Optional) Enter corresponding descriptions in the Description column.
  7. Analyze the schema.
  8. Save changes.