Running the COBOL copybook importer in Design Server UI

Use the COBOL copybook importer to automatically generate COBOL copybook type trees.

About this task

The metadata for the type trees is in the form of COBOL copybooks.

The following procedure describes how to use the COBOL copybook importer to generate a type tree from COBOL copybooks.

There is an example of a COBOL copybook file in the install_dir\examples\general\copybook folder.

To run the COBOL Copybook Importer in Design Server UI:


  1. Create a new project using Design Server UI. See the "Create a project topic" in Knowledge Center for more instructions.
  2. Open the project in Design Server UI.
  3. Select Schemas > Import and click on Import.

    The Import Type window opens.

  4. From the Type drop-down list, select COBOL copybook option and click Next.

    The Import Properties window opens.

  5. Select the COBOL copybook metadata source file that you want to import from the drop-down list of Copybook File Path property.
  6. Select runtime options Character set and Byte Order from the selection list.

    The Identification window opens.

  7. Enter the name of COBOL copybook metadata source file in the Name field and click Import.

    The COBOL copybook schema is imported successfully.