Authentication Connections

The adapter supports the following authentication methods:
  • Basic authentication. The user provides username and password values and the adapter automatically provides them to ServiceNow to perform the authentication. ServiceNow adapter supports Basic authentication by default.
  • OAuth 2.0 authentication. It requires to provide access token as captured outside of the application. However, when the token expires, the following actions for the adapter to take can be configured using the Access Token Expiry Action property:
    • Report Error
    • Refresh Token
    • Request New Token Using Username and Password
    • Request New Token Using Client Credentials.

ServiceNow adapter as a source

ServiceNow adapter as a source:
  • Retrieves the record(s).
  • Computes aggregates.

ServiceNow adapter as a target

ServiceNow adapter as a target:
  • Creates the record(s).
  • Update the record(s).
  • Deletes the record(s).