Running the flow

After you specify the server, variables and input data, using the Run properties dialog, you can run the flow.

  1. Click on the Run button to run the flow.

    This action prepares and packages the flow and any flows or maps that are used within the flow. If running on a remote server, the package will be deployed to the server. The flow is then run in debug mode which allows the data passed between links in the flow to be saved so that it can be viewed.

  2. After the flow run is complete, indicators display on each node of the flow to indicate whether the node succeeded, failed or was not invoked.

    A green tick indicator means that the node ran successfully, a red cross indicator means that the node failed (or a downstream node failed) and no indicator means that the node did not run (because no data was provided to its input). Hovering over the node status icon shows a status message for the node run.