Add a user

These procedures describe how to use the Design Server to add a new user.

About this task

To add a new Design Server user, login to Design Server as an Administrator, and then follow these steps in the Design Server Welcome page:


  1. Click the drop-down arrow next to the Administrator tab in the upper right corner of the Design Server Welcome window.
  2. Select the Administration option from the menu. The Users window opens.
  3. Click the plus sign icon located to the right of the Search box at the top of the page to open Add User.
  4. Complete all of the fields in Add User area with the new user's information. Be aware of the following when completing the fields:
    • The password that you assign must be at least eight characters in length and contain at least one number and one character that is neither a number or a letter.
    • In most cases the Role field will remain in its default condition and will display the Designer option.
  5. Click the Add button at the bottom of the page. You are returned to the Users page. The user that you added appears in the list of users.