Create a flow

About this task

Use these steps to define a flow:


  1. From the Welcome page, click the Create New Project icon.
  2. Type a name for the project in the Name field. Optionally, enter information in the Description and Tags fields.
  3. In the Design tab, select your project.
  4. In the main Design Server workspace, choose Flows. Select New New Flow dialog opens.
  5. Type a flow name in the Name field, and then click OK. The Flow Designer workspace for the flow opens.
  6. From the Palette, on the left side of the page, drag the Map icon onto the canvas.
  7. Right click on the map node to open a list of maps.
  8. Select a map from the list.
  9. Click on the map node. The structure of the map is revealed in the structure panel, and details about the node are displayed in the details panel.
  10. Change the name of the node and give it a description by clicking on the Edit icon in the Details panel.
  11. Click on the drop-down menu in the structure panel and select Edit Terminals... to change which cards of the map are displayed as terminals in the map node.
  12. Select other node types from the Palette and drag them to the canvas.
  13. Connect nodes by dragging from the output terminal of one node to the input terminal of another node.
  14. Use the toolbar in the upper right corner of the canvas and select Save to save the flow.
  15. From the toolbar select Analyze, to analyze the flow for structural errors or incomplete definitions.
  16. Click the Home icon to return to the Welcome page. From here, the flow can be added to a package and deployed to the runtime environment.